Epitaph Manor

The central setting of the dark radio drama here at Threnody radio is a massive Castle known as Epitaph Manor, wherein dark secrets of this ever evolving palace is revealed every week. As the central story unfolds in this manor, other stories from different genres and contributing talents are funneled through the Manor's broadcasting technology. A central nexus inside the manor known as "the octopus lounge" disperses these tales into the dark airwaves. And through the use of inter-universal portals, anyone can come to "The Realm" and tell their stories along side the central canon.


The Portals are a gateway to new adventure. Utilizing this portal technology is a way to access new stories and alternate universes without the conflict of other storyteller's properties. For the guest talents, it is a hub to where the artists can tell their own individualized stories in any part of the multiverse or join us amid a special story arc. Whether it be from Earth, The Steamlands, Or the Realm, our fellow storytelling contributors to the Threnody Experience are afforded the freedom to tell their tales in whatever capacity they wish, all flourishing in a latticework of vignettes, side stories, and alternate lore. It is a deeply powerful module for utilizing global artists to craft their tales and further their own legacies while joining our team of script writers, sound designers, musicians, and fellow artisans. Every one who flies next to the Threnody flag has the chance to use the dark airwaves with ease. And with each tale uploading to Epitaph Manor on Youtube, the combined stories are archived. We specialize in dark fantasy, gothic horror, and classical literary approaches all while using the classic radio drama feel. And it is through these portals where these stories can exist side by side. 


Threnody is songs for the lamentation of the dead. Our namesake is the approach to our stories, with a deep reverence for the hereafter. During our broadcasts we utilize musicians, local talent, and free use musical compositions to help weave our tales. Please enjoy some music composed by Professor Brassthorn down below, and if you'd like to find out more on how to get your band's music into our shows and during the musical breaks we'd love to hear them. Simply head on over to the Portal for more details, and contact threnodyradio@gmail.com

to let us know what you'd like to offer. We simply do not do royalties, so you will be offering your sounds to the universe freely. If you are a musician under contract, we will need both expressed written permission from you and your label to play your song. We do not want to indulge in legalities or feel like we've stolen someone's talent. We simply want those who wish to use our dark airwaves for a bit to play their music to have this opportunity to play to our fan base.