Lord Epitaph  
is Peter  

Prof. Brassthorn
is Tony

Lady Epitaph
is Christine

Threnody Radio

We are a group who host a radio transmission on the internet, utilizing various themes in the form of the old. we broadcast radio plays from a realm of fantasy and dark workings, which travels worlds. We are also crafters, actors, prop designers, manufacturers, robots, musicians and all around artists of various trades that come together to tell stories. We host featured guests as voice actors, and host smoking parlor podcasts that interview and discuss themes of a macabre and mystical persuasion. As well as hosting independent artists from the  goth art and steampunk community, we attend conventions and collaborate with organizations to create connections and exposures for all the wonderful craftspeople who fly along side the Threnody flag. For now we function as a channel for entertainment, allowing storytellers to craft their legacy in the metaphorical "Realm", creating exposure and connectivity in a way that only the dark airways can provide. Many things are still in flux as we collaborate and create new focus and shift on the project, we are utilizing art networking through theatrical performances and collaborating with other artistic organizations.

Like to be a part of the show? Send us a letter through that box down there and tell us who you represent and the things we can offer. If you'd like to donate sound effects, or voice work for various characters, your band's music as long as it is under free use, (we don't do royalties)  hit us up on the various social network monsters, look for Threnodyradio and EpitaphManor.